It's Been a Great 12 Years, but I'm Sorry Xbox, I'm Done



So unless Microsoft drastically changes it's approach with their next-gen system, I'm going to switch to PlayStation. I've been a loyal Xbox gamer for 12 years now. I owned and loved my original Xbox, and have bought literally 40 to 50 games for my 360. I've subscribed to Xbox Live for four plus years. I like the ecosystem, I like Kinect (at least, my 9-year-old likes the Kinect; my wife and I like the voice commands for Netflix), most of my friends like their Xbox's. Despite all this, these are why I won't be getting an Xbox One:

  • I'd prefer not to multitask when I'm gaming. Honestly, the idea of trying to hold a conversation on Skype while play Call of Duty sounds terrible to me.
  • I don't have and don't want cable TV. This feature does nothing for me, not to mention, the Google TV-style interface ideas have a pretty decent history of working out poorly (Tivo, Google TV, etc.). I use my 360 primarily for playing games and streaming TV; both of which are going to be built into both systems.
  • "Game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers." Used games. Yep, it's an issue, and the largest one Microsoft has to deal with.
  • Game rentals are out on the XB1.
  • You can only trade games with one friend on the XB1.
  • The internal hardware is slightly-to-significantly better on PS4.
  • 3GB of the system RAM is used up for OS related stuff. That multitasking is great, but it will come at a price, especially as the XB1 ages.
  • The price point for the XB1 is too high, especially given the likely higher long-term cost associated with used game sales (or the lack/restriction thereof).

So a week ago, I was torn on either sticking with the 360 for a couple of years and seeing if Microsoft changes their tune, or going with the PS4. I think I've made my decision, and now I've only got to wait until I can figure out how to round up the $400.