Why I'm going with the Xbox One this gen.

Contrary to most people, I'm increasingly shifting toward buying the xbox one over the ps4 with these new announcements. Here's a few issues people have and why I don't think they make any sense:

*Kinect*: Lets get one thing out of the way, kinect is not why I'm paying the extra $100 for an xbone. Although I'll probably use it while watching TV for voice control, and for parties, the kinect doesn't add any real value for me as a core gamer. But I don't see it as a negative toward my buying decision, it's there when I want it and I can shut it off when I don't. This doesn't mean that I'm paying an extra $100 for nothing though, there is so much value in the other features that make spending the extra $100 over the ps4 worthwhile. I'll get into this later

*Microsoft makes better software*: Over the last generation, the software on the ps3 has remained fairly consistent. It has, up until very recently, had the same look and feel since launch. This isn't the case for xbox, which has received a tonne of updates to both its design and functionality. I expect that microsoft, by nature being a software company, will provide a better software experience for the future generation as well. Multitasking, side by side apps, skype integration, etc, are all features that I want in a console, and they are worth paying extra for.

*"Paying for xbox live"*: Paying for xbox live has always been a way to bash the xbox, but this gen it doesn't matter. Sony just announced that you have to pay to play multiplayer games online, which matters for me as I play mostly online games, (plus I'm so pumped for destiny). Playstation plus also gifts you free games, Xbox live will reportedly match this, gifting you two new games every month. This matches the value of playstation plus and more because of the software features that talked about earlier.

*No backwards compatibility*: Easy, I'm keeping my xbox 360. Yeah it's pretty annoying that I can't just sell off my 360 and pop my discs into the xbone, but it's a minor issue for me. Keep the next gen experiences for the next gen console and keep the current gen experiences for the current gen console. Keeping my current xbox is also a good idea because microsoft seems committed to supporting it with it's new redesign.

*24 hour checks, DRM*: I'm not going to lie, this one is kind of weird. Online checks aren't the issue. It's pretty standard practice in the PC software industry, but why it has to be every 24 hours and not every week or month that is so strange to me. If I go away to my cousins house for a week and he doesn't have solid internet, why can't the xbox save seven days worth of data and just send it off when I get back online? There are other solutions. I could tether the xbox to my phone at the beginning of each day and then take it offline, but it's an extra nuisance that doesn't need to be there. There are so many ways that spot checks could be done that don't screw the consumer, and Microsoft hasn't chosen any of them. But this isn't an issue for me. This is a massive piece of hardware and I won't be taking it travelling with me any time soon, I use my vita for portable gaming.

DRM is an issue that has been blown out of proportion. Microsoft hasn't announced any concrete plans for DRM, they simply announced that they have opened up new, and arguably simpler ways for publishers to manage how their games are distributed. Publishers already bombard us with DRM in the form of codes and stupid passes, this just makes it simpler. If I want to lend a friend a game, he has to have been on my friends list for a month, it's a pretty weird system but it works. All in all, at the end of this generation, I don't think we'll be bitching at microsoft for all the DRM but at the publishers, since they'll do the same sort of thing on the PS4 but in the form of codes and passes.

*This is still a games machine*: The argument that the PS4 is a better games machine is flat out unproven until both systems launch. Microsoft announced that there will be 15 first party titles at lauch (or in the first year), 8 of which are new IP's. Even if only 6 turn out to be good that will be more games that I played last year alone. Really it's too subjective to decide who has the better games, but from what I've seen, I prefer the xbox games (just the chance of seeing Alan Wake 2 is worth $100 to me). Traditionally xbox has seen more support from the indie crowd. They were the first to support indie developers with the snappily titled, "X and A community games" (sounds exciting huh?) and Xbox live arcade and it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that they will continue to support indie devs in the next gen as well. So please, no more, "PS4 is a real games machine" until we actually see what both consoles are like.

*The price*: This is the only area that has a legitimate argument. No matter how much extra value you add the console, these are still two competing products that have a $100 price difference. That is a lot for most people. Ultimately, people will go with what is cheaper. We're humans, we're hardwired to save money. There's nothing that the kinect, extra software features and exclusive games can do to fix that, especially in the emerging markets, but the me the xbone is the better solution.

So that's why I'm picking the Xbone over the PS4 this gen. These are just some the reasons, I haven't even mentioned that the xbone design is better, the controller is better, all my friends play xbox, etc. Sorry for any grammer mistakes, it's late. Hopefully I have given enough reason to justify the Xbox one to you.