Should I Give Up on Console for PC Gaming

I am really torn.

I have been a diehard PS3 fan for years but in the last year I bought a gaming PC and have been loving it. All the new innovations coming to PC including:

- Indie games developed first before being ported to consoles and kickstarter PC exclusives that look incredible (Torment, Project Eternity, etc.)

- Brand new innovations in development like Oculus Rift.

- Common x86 architecture with consoles that will make most games multi-platform now.

After watching the Sony E3 conference I have to say I'm disappointed to see that the PS4 is just the same as the PS3 with upgraded specs. If most next-gen games are going to be multi-platform, is there a reason to own a gaming PC and a PS4?

On the other side of the fence, I've got a Surface Pro and a Windows Phone for smart glass and love the Kinect voice control of the Xbox One. My gaming happens in the basement so Xbox TV is sort of pointless for me but I could theoretically replace my Gaming PC with the Xbox One because of its multimedia chops and I would get a web cam for skype in my man cave for the first time to boot. Would getting Kinect for Windows on my gaming PC get me the best of both worlds of XB1 and PC Gaming?

As for the games, all the ones I'm interested in will likely be on PC

- The Witcher 3

- Metal Gear Solid V

- Watchdogs

- Final Fantasy XV (still skeptical of Square Enix)

- Future Elder Scrolls games (not ES:Online..... = WoW flavored vomit)

I haven't been impressed with either of the exclusives. Uncharted has gone down hill fast, never got into Infamous, and haven't kept up with Halo. I'm not really into Racing games either.

I'm so torn! Help me decide!

- Upgrade my Gaming PC to be ready for next gen games and get Kinect for Windows or Leap Motion. Wait and see what happens in the console war.

- Sell my Gaming PC and get an Xbox One to get one gaming device that also handles media (a Gaming PC sort of feels redundant with the media chops of the XB1)

- Keep my Gaming PC semi-mediocre to play my classics and get a PS4 for next gen games