Ugly icons could be strategic



I love almost everything about iOS 7 but the icons. (I'm conflicted over translucency, but that's for a different post.) I've stared at the icons for minutes on end trying to love them, but I can't. Camera, Settings, and Game Center make me want to cry hot, salty tears of despair.

Which makes me think [CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT]: What if the beta icons are supposed to be ugly? Maybe Apple wants to prove by under-designing the icons that its semi-skeumorphic strategy was right all along. It could release the final build of iOS 7 with a statement like, "As proven by customer response, flat design doesn't work, but our fancy layered design does!" Then it could beautify the icons and iOS would be nearly perfect.

Honestly, Apple, I don't care what you tell us. Say your designers were abducted by aliens for all I care. Just fix the icons!