Windows Phone-like Launchers for Android

So I've got a Nexus 4 which I thoroughly enjoy, but I have been a little bit curious to try out WP8 at some point. Given how malleable Android is, it's no surprise that there are plenty of Windows Phone-like launchers available to try that emulate the WP8 interface.

So I tried Launcher 8 very briefly and hated it. The tiles were interesting aesthetically, and I think I fundamentally prefer the alphabetized scroll list to a grid of apps in the drawer (which really are a pain to look through), but I missed things like my e-mail widgets that gave me an instantly glanceable list of my inbox, and settings toggles, and Favourite Contacts. So really, I guess it was mostly widgets that I missed. Also pattern unlock.

So I guess I'm not really surprised that putting a visual veneer over Android would likely hamper its functionality, at least in the way that I'm used to using it, but my main question is this:

How representative of WP8 is something like Launcher 8? How much extra functionality is there in WP8 that obviously can't be copied over, and ties into the aesthetic? Does an Android skin represent a reasonable impression of what it's like to actually use a WP8 device? (Aside from the obvious things that I would be missing, like a notification center).

Curious to hear from people who have used both.