iOS 7, the UI

iOS 7 is an amazing upgrade from the other iOS updates, I have to say every app is so much better and so much elegant then the iOS 6 was, the problem I have with iOS 7 is the icons, everything else I love, I don't hate the icons or love them, I am in between. The whole design of iOS 7 is just down right beautiful, something I am have never seen before, the problem is the icons, they're just distracting, I don't find the icons, Apple, if you know what I am trying to say, love the idea of the animation, make the experience more relax and cool, The whole keynote of WWDC was Apple expect for the icons, I know Jony Ive designed the inside of the app, but not the icons, it's not his, work trust me what's inside the app is his work.

In the end I know Apple is a company that loves to be the best they can and make the best products and think of everything and make it the best, and that's why iOS 7 was a almost delayed, it's because of the icons, they couldn't chose, especially Jony Ive try to reject the idea.

Anyways this is just my opinion.