One thing I hate about all this ps4 love right now.

Everyone for some reason is loving that fact that the ps4 has like "won" the gaming war apparently. I don't see how it did but reading all comments on the verge, ign, engadget, and Facebook it looks like people wanted the Xbox one to fail. A lot of comments are "the ps4 has more power", "it has better ram" this guy doesn't think so. and "I love the fact Sony is dedicated to gaming".

That last one is my biggest problem. HOW? How is Sony dedicated to gaming? Because they allow you to hand games to your friends? Cause you can buy used games? (you can for the xbox one as well!) There is nothing different between the Xbox One's Policies and the Policies for computer gaming with steam! Besides the different DRM policies (Xbox uses online checks, while ps4 needs the disk in the tray) I don't see how Sony Is dedicated to gamers.

From what I saw at e3 yesterday it looked like the Xbox One had More exclusives and announced more games. It also looks like they both will support indie games. They both are going to be 60$ a pop as usual, and both consoles are coming out with tons of games! I just don't see how people can say its more dedicated.

"I like Sony's focus on gaming." (taken straight from a Facebook comment). I just don't get it. Please can some one tell me how Sony has more focus? Microsoft is going the Steam route which from the looks of it, PC gamers like (I may be wrong). So Wouldn't it be just as dedicated as PC games. Along with all these added social media features? I don't know what's wrong with people but to me the Xbox one seems the better choice in terms of games (policies are a different story, since they didn't need these 24 hour checks). But I think Microsoft is just as dedicated to Gaming as Sony is. Do you agree?