My opinion of a sensible way for DRM to work (with online checking)

This is my opinion of a way MS can do the DRM better (without getting rid of it) and it does require online.

  • Check in game with system on first installation to get "rights" handled. Offline play is "unlimited" until you need to do an update or something (a la Steam).
  • Play at a friends: I guess I agree with their DRM here. lol. I can't think of anything that can
  • Lend a game: Give rights of gameplay to friend (they must be online to accept rights) and your rights to play the game are revoked. You have the ability to revoke those rights at anytime (note: this is all online, from xbox or Or you give the player a timer so that they can know how much they have left (Gamefly business right there). These rights are only for the primary owner of the game, so family members also lose access to the game while a friend is borrowing it (just like in real life). Only problem with it is that if they go offline and you revoke access...
  • Used games should work as before. Retailers should have the ability to say: "I'm buying <game> from <gamertag>, me access to me". Should be that simple.

If I think of anything else, I'll add. What do you think? (Please refrain from just saying get rid of it...)