What's Next? - Your Future Wish List

Google's event won't be until October. I believe all that's left is Motorola and Samsung with their Note 3. Anyone making a decision on a phone or still waiting for Google Moto and Sammy to show what they've got. Also I believe Windows Phone has an event in the fall. Can't wait to see what they add. After my hype for iOS7 I realized that Apple only made me crave KLP. My wish list...

KLP with More Modern design and card based UI? (Whatever happened to that magazine UI/Design Matias was talking about at the launch of the Galaxy Nexus.

People may hate me for this. But I want Google to release a freaking Glass Phone. 4.3 or 4.7 inches 1080p.... I love metal also. So glass and Metal would rock. And don't say Nexus 4 because the sides are a whole other material.

Next I want to Samsung to refresh their Galaxy Touch wiz UI. Scrap it and redo the entire thing. Copy Apple if they must.

Lastly with the release of KLP I am hoping Google gives devs more apis to work with and new ways to develop for tablets. It's time Google focus more on tablets.

What's next for you?