4 Easy Ways Microsoft Can Stem the Backlash Against the Xbox One

So, obviously if you've been on the internet over the past few weeks you've seen the hate (some warranted, some not) Microsoft has gotten for the Xbox One. While most of it I don't agree with or don't care about, there are a few things Microsoft could do to easily make some people happier.

Make discs work as authentication too

Online check-ins are needed for verification for digital games to combat piracy, I get that. However, some people may have spotty internet or want to bring their Xbox to a cabin for a weekend campout. Lots of places like this may have electricity and running water, but no internet. If Microsoft added the option for users to put the physical disc in the Xbox in order to play offline, they would get rid of a whole lot of flack getting thrown at them. Physical discs should be just as much a verification as an online check.

By implementing this, Microsoft could continue the innovative aspect of being able to play games without having to have the disc, but could also appease the current group of gamers by allowing the traditional way of playing to still function, without making it necessary like the PS4.

Drop the Xbox Gold Requirement for Streaming

PSN, though now being required for multiplayer, is not required to watch Hulu or Netflix, services customers already pay for. Microsoft should add features to Xbox Gold like they have with the sharing features and the two free games a month, but should allow Netflix and the like to be accessed without the monthly fee. This is especially important to break into the "media center" type device they want to be. I would consider getting and Xbox One more as a voice controlled set top box than a multiplayer game console. I'm not a big online gamer, but I'd like to be able to use the Xbox for my multimedia entertainment.

Offer the Xbox One Subsidized Through Cable Companies

There are already rumors that Microsoft is doing this with Sky, but they need more. U-verse, Fios, Time Warner and others could all offer a discounted (Think $299) Xbox One console with their cable contracts. The Xbox One is already being touted as a way to make your TV simpler, so offering it cheaply to people already buying cable (Who probably have families) would be a great way to undercut the "Ooh PS4 is cheaper!" arguments.

Make Digital Games Cheaper

A great way to ease over the transition from physical games not requiring online checks to digital games is to make them cheaper. Pricing them $10 cheaper than PS4 games could be a great way to push the transition a little faster.

Other than those things I don't see much changing realistically. I don't expect Microsoft to just knock off $100 of the Xbox One, and I don't expect them to radically backtrack on the DRM areas, and I hope they don't. Used games are hurting developers, and If