simple solution for xbox on used games

Let me start by saying I already pre ordered my xbox, but the offline policy needs to change.

So am i wrong to think Microsoft could solve the used game outcry by just letting people play the game if they have the disk in the xbox?

My understanding is that the online requirement/check-in is only because Microsoft will let users install the game to the xbox and will not need to use the disk to play the game after that. Great idea for the average lazy american. So, the DRM requirement to check in once every 24 hours is to make sure the user has not sold the game.

So if the requirement is truly to make sure the user has not sold the game. Simple solution would be, if the game disk is IN the xbox the user did not sell the game and should be free to play.

There can't be anything special happening in the cloud to "make a better gaming experience" because Microsoft will let you play offline for 24 hours. So, game in disk drive should equal unlimited offline play. I love xbox and windows, but I am more than a little concerned.

Simple, right?