My Thoughts on Apple's New Designs

Basically I am just gonna cover everything quickly, but it is still a long read. I feel like I need to get this stuff out there so I am. I’m not a designer. If you want pictures of what I am talking about then Google Bing it.

iOS 7 Icons:

Overall the icons are pretty bad in my opinion. They look childish and all the gradients are confusing. One thing I think every icon could use is a stronger shadow. Apple is going for different layers, but the icons seem to get lost in the background in one big colorful mess.

- Calendar: A little hard to read. I think it needs the red bar at the top, which would still follow the new grid system so I don’t know why they removed it. Also, the font looks squished together.

- Photos: Most people hate this icon, but I love it. It’s an abstract interpretation of a flower. How does a flower represent photos? I’m not sure, but it always has on iOS.

- Camera: I think it looks bad, but I get it. They wanted a consistent icon throughout the operating system. On iOS 6 they use a camera on the lock screen and messages, but a lens on the app. It is now consistent.

- Weather: This is the only gradient I like because it actually looks like a sky. The translucent cloud, though, makes it ugly because you can see a hard outline of the sun.

- Clock, iTunes, App Store: The circles are just too big. I know they wanted to follow the grid system, so just adjust the grid so icons actually look good. Oh and remove the pointless non-flat gradients.

- Notes: The icon looks great, it is just confusing because when you open the app you get a textured background, no lines, and no yellow header. It literally looks like garbage. If the app looked like the icon, that would be great.

- Stocks: Invert the colors and you probably get a normal looking icon. I am too lazy to try it out.

- Game Center: What the heck? 3D colorful bubbles on a white background?

- Newsstand: Looks nice, and I like that it is a regular app now and not a folder.

- Settings: I’m not sure what happened here, and I don’t like it.

Other iOS 7:

- Notification Center: I like the new look, but from every screenshot I have seen, everything looks too spaced out. I also don’t like how dark the notification center overlay is. I wish it was consistent with the Control Center in color.

- Control Center: I love it. I don’t get the 4 apps at the bottom though. Only flashlight is needed because the rest are apps. Flashlight should be with the rest of the toggles.

- Multitasking: Great new feature, but the icons and the windows scroll at different speeds and it looks weird. Maybe in use it will make more sense.

- iTunes Radio: Stop living in the past Apple. Subscriptions like Rdio/Spotify/Etc are way better. You should try them out.

- Photos: I think photos got way more complicated. All I want is a stream of photos that I can put into albums. Once I put it in the album, it is removed from the stream. Can anyone recommend me a service that does this? Or does anyone want to start a photo storage startup with me?

New Hardware:

Apple has too many design languages for hardware. They now have the dark gray/light silver iPhone 5 design. Silver and black iPhone 4 and Macbook design. Black and white Mac Pro/Airport/Apple TV design.
The dark gray and light silver design is beautiful and I wish they would spread it throughout all their products and remove the inconsistency.

- Mac Pro: The glossy black case is ugly. But remove it, and you have an amazing looking machine, especially with the matte gray similar to the iPhone 5. I am hoping Apple makes different cases for it.


I hope Apple begins to make OS X more flat like iOS. The Mavericks wallpaper with the white circle X on it looks amazing. I hope the operating system begins to look like this picture.

Well that is it. I had a lot more to say, but I got tired of writing. I would love to discuss this stuff with everyone though. Let me know your opinions on my opinions. Thanks!