Macbook Haswells are shipping -- where are the Windows ultrabooks?

I've been holding off to buy a new Win8 touchscreen ultrabook until Haswell arrived. I am pretty irritated that none of the big announcements at Computex set firm US sale dates for the next few days/weeks. Yet, here comes Apple announcing the new Macbook Airs and sure enough they are ready to ship now. Today. WTF? Why can't any of the Windows manufacturers get their shit together to release a laptop NOW, when the chips have been shipping from Intel for a few months already? Why do they all make these announcements, but then keep us waiting for months. And then they wonder why sales are slow. There's few things I like about Apple, but they sure do know how to ride the momentum and Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP all need to pay more attention.

Meanwhile, I need to buy an ultrabook in the next two weeks before setting off on an international trip.