"Windows Red" - thoughts?

Genuinely sorry if there's been a post about this already, but - famed Windows 8 bashers Infoworld put up a mini-site next week proposing their 'fix' for the perceived problems of Windows 8, dubbed 'Windows Red.'



'Open letter to Microsoft'

Their strategy is essentially to separate Desktop and MetroModern modes - use a Desktop-less RT as a tablet OS, and return the Start Menu (not just the button) to Win8. Live tiles would sit at the side like Gadgets, and WinRT apps would run in non-resizable windows. There's a 'duo option' for hybrids, though they don't explain it in much detail.

It's pretty much what everyone who was opposed to the single-OS strategy was groping towards saying they'd prefer a few months ago. What I find interesting is that they're still pushing this line. Personally, as problematic as Windows 8 seemed, for me 8.1 includes most of the necessary fixes (notably the same wallpaper for MetroModern and Desktop).

Are you surprised Windows 8 is still getting slammed with such vehemence?