Do you think we'll get any of the WWDC announced features BEFORE Fall?

I'm excited for iOS7 and (groan) Mavericks, but they aren't until Fall. But not all announcements were OS specific so I'm curious if anything they mentioned may roll out BEFORE fall.

My guess is:

- They need as many people testing it as possible so why not on the desktop?
- Map Send. C'mon. Sending directions to your phone isn't as new as people claim.


- This should've been a desktop app from the start anyway
- With interactive books being 1GB then they make more sense on a laptop

OSX Messaging Update
-If Messaging could be installed as an app then couldnt it be upgraded the same way?


iRadio - This is just a service so I'm assuming it could be pushed out whenever they are ready

So is there anything else that may come out earlier? Anything you WANT to come out earlier? Fall is a long way and I'd hate to have features held back if they're ready.