Now that E3's dust has settled, Xbox One looks awesome (updated)

It's been an exciting couple days, huh?

I have to be honest, last night, when Sony dropped all their DRM bombs, I had been converted. I wanted to like the Xbox One, but Sony looked impressive. But then multiplayer ended up behind a paywall on PS4 too. And then Final Fantasy XV wasn't exclusive. And then Kingdom Hearts wasn't exclusive either.

And now I take a step back and think...

  1. Xbox One actually showed more exclusive games than Sony did.
  2. Sony didn't even show their user interface. That's a bad sign.
  3. Microsoft has a huge lead in terms of apps and entertainment options, and I'm not even including potential Windows 8 convergence.
  4. Voice controlled Kinect is freaking awesome.
  5. Xbox One will allow used game sales.
  6. I am beyond ready to go all digital in the next gen, and the early explanations of how Microsoft's system will work actually look better than Steam to me.
  7. Microsoft's cloud features are being completely ignored right now.
  8. PS4 is just an upgraded PS3 clinging to the past while Xbox One is a completely redesigned console built with the future in mind.
  9. The controller matters, and the Xbox One controller is far arguably superior to the PS4's. Apparently, early users of the new Dual Shock say it's much improved. I still think the left analog is in the wrong spot though. Personal preference.
  10. Microsoft's "family sharing" system sounds like a killer feature. You can share your entire game library with 10 "family members" no matter where they live! The only restriction is only one player can play each game at a time if they aren't on the same console.

Aside from the DRM restriction (which I understand, but just don't care about) and the price difference, I honestly cannot see why everyone is so excited about the PS4. The Xbox One looks superior to me in just about every possible way.

I'm not trying to start a flame war here, but am I missing something? It doesn't even seem like a hard decision at this point.


Apparently, you can use SmartGlass to pass the 24 hour DRM checks. In my opinion, that removes the DRM problem completely. As long as you have cell phone signal, you can authenticate online and play your games. Sure, that doesn't help the gamers that want to play their Xbox in the middle of the ocean or in a cave or something like that, but it solves about 99% of the problems.