What happened to iTunes 11?


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Am I the only one who feels like Apple totally abandoned an extremely beautiful possible visual direction when they unveiled iOS 7 yesterday? iTunes 11 is bold, fresh, and aesthetically-pleasing in every sense of the term. It brought a beautiful new album view and MiniPlayer, along with extensive additional visual enhancements. I expected Apple to bring the success that they had with that redesign to iOS. Obviously I couldn't have been more wrong there.

What Could Have Happened


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iOS 7 Music.app Concept by Brye Jobayashi

Obviously these potential redesign directions are rooted in the Music app, because of the inherent connection with iTunes. Regardless, the design language used could have been applied to the rest of the device. It's not hard to imagine a Calendar.app, or a Photos.app, or a Game Center.app created using these design strategies. The design would have built on prior design distinctions while removing garish skeumorphic elements without gutting the interface.

So the release of iOS 7 yesterday begs the question...why didn't Apple move instead toward the incredibly beautiful, stylish, and luxurious design sensibilities of iTunes 11?

Perhaps more importantly, what does the release of iOS 7 mean for the future of iTunes and its just-updated design?