Android Questions for Keyboardists and/or Mac Users

Hey, guys!

So, I'm currently a Windows Phone and Surface RT owner, but I'll be switching over to a MacBook for college (Christian worship/youth ministries) and possibly the HTC One. I'm going to start diving into music creation/editing software and the like. (Can you tell I'm an amateur?)

1. For the musicians out there: is Android a good ecosystem for music creation/editing? I know iOS is well established, but I'm interested in the Android perspective. For example, having equipment talk to each other wirelessly using my phone would be the plan, and I've seen it done on the iPhone, but not Android. Is there an ecosystem for that within Android? I know it's a vague question. Sorry.

2. I know there's a lot of syncing/back-and-forth that goes on between OS X and iOS with iMessage, Notification Center, iCloud, etc.; do Macs and Android devices work well together? What's your experience? I'm awestruck with the HTC One. Even with the iOS 7 announcement... I can't get over it...

Thanks in advance!