My Logic About iOS 7 Originality

Yes many iOS 7 features look very similar to existing implementations. But if you really think about it, the fact that so many things look similar to others prove that Apple didn't look at others' work at all.

Think about it; if you want to copy your friends' work in school, do you copy word for word? Or do you copy such that it looks as different as possible so the teacher won't notice it?

The fact that iOS 7 looks so similar to others tell us that they didn't bother about how it different or similar it looks to other platforms. It means the work is original. Why did it end up looking so similar? I don't know. Nobody knows. What matters to me is that I look iOS 7's new look so far except for some homescreen icons.

In addition, even though Apple didn't have much time to develop iOS 7, it has more resources than any other company for research and development. Really doesn't make sense that they were desperate for ideas.

So that's my logic. Sounds logical to you?