Comic Book TV Shows

I want more comic book TV shows.


Smallville was popular and ran for 10 seasons and there is an Avengers spin-off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. launching in September. Movies are big budget 2 hour long pieces that have to attract as large an audience as possible. TV series versions of comic book heroes have great potential. If you were to give someone the budget of Lost, the literary backbone of these characters and the production value of House of Cards or West Wing, I think it could be massively successful.

If you take Lost, a vast world that is explored gradually over many episodes and where you get to really explore the world in detail. If you allowed a comic book series like X-Men or Avengers to do that, it wold really do justice to the broad array of characters. Villains are one of my biggest grievances with these films. I think too often the studios fail to present a real threat. The finale of non-Spider-Man Marvel movies really struggle to convey any peril. Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark telling Jarvis to take out all the Extremis cannon-fodder-henchmen and they do so. Avengers had a really busy "the good guys are cleaning up" feel. There was no "holy shit, how are they going to get out of this?" moment. I think with a TV show you can really build up a villain's story, really give substance to what the villain is planning leading to a finale where you genuinely don’t know how the hero will come out on top. I also think that the two worlds can coincide. I think it would add to the movies if every 2/3 years you have an Avengers movie or Dark Knight movie which links with the TV series. Not so much that the cinema-goers who don’t watch the show can’t keep up but enough that the ones who do can get involved in the story.