iOS7 Backlash: A matter of reputation

Here's my take on why iOS7 is seeing so much criticism, In my opinion it all comes down to reputation and expectations.

Apple has over several years built up a special reputation for delivering good looking and polished designs. While companies like Google and Microsoft are now finally catching up, maybe even surpassing Apple, Apple has been the king of design and polish among these tech giants until now. During these years Apple has built up a huge reputation for delivering great experiences and design both in hardware and software. Things like Apple consistently releasing high quality hardware is of course also a huge factor as to why their reputation is so very high.

So naturally we expect Apple to live up to these standards, to it's reputation. But when they don't we get surprised and shocked because it happens so rarely.

If say Samsung, who isn't exactly known for their design, updates TouchWiz and it looks awful we don't bother much since we do not expect Samsung to deliver good design. But when Apple releases an update that doesn't live up to their high standards we get frustrated. We expect Apple to deliver in design - not only in terms of looks but also on just how polished it is. iOS7, unlike previous iterations, seems extremely unpolished for being Apple and hence we get disappointed.

I think the problem here is the absence of polish in comparison to previous alterations, not whether it looks good or bad. What do you guys think?