Gaming Camera Great With Tracked Controller?

A closer look at the PlayStation 4, DualShock 4 and PS4 Eye | Engadget at E3 (via Engadget)

We've seen quite a bit of Kinect during the E3 keynotes and its often awkward integration into 'core' gaming experiences away from typical fitness & dance games, but Engadget have taken a closer look at the PS4 Eye & its interactions with the DualShock 4 controller, it's also a great vid for showing off the DS4 touchpad.

It's only a suite of tech demos & as ever for Sony it's over to publishers to implement the cool stuff into their games.

But with the tracked controller with its fine-tuned fidelity of buttons, touchpad all combining to offer great hi-fidelity lag free experiences ideally suited to gameplay mechanics away from those dance & fitness games that just require your normal body tracking, reducing Kinect to barking commands into the game, although optional PS4 Eye is obviously a stereo camera & mic too ably suited to those more casual experiences.

Sony's biggest obstacle is no doubt going for $100/£80 cheaper price-point than the Xbox One leaving camera adoption down to consumer choice, rather than the high price-point and forcing the product.