Xbox One - Change is needed to survive.

I remember when I was young and Nintendo was all the rave. Cartridge gaming was everywhere and everyone wanted a piece of it. The N64 came out several years later and the craze continues. The market kept on getting tougher and tougher and Sony came out with the disc based PS1. I though to myself, "discs will never be the future". Then the Gamecube came out and boy did that flop. The demand for more video games grew at a rapid pace. Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, WiiU. The demand is high but is falling fast and can be quickly seen with video game sells over the last several years/months and the low demand for the WiiU. But the question Microsoft asks itself is, WHY?

One reason everyone points out is moblie gaming, but I think that is just an excuse. I think the reason is because of redundancy. Each game looks the same, each game plays the same. Each game has multiple versions (ie: COD, MW, Halo, even many on PS) and nothing really changes in those games. SO, if the developers aren't changing many of its tactics who has to change. That would be the CONSOLE itself.

Sony has also thought of this, but have listened to too many old gamers who want everything to stay the same. They have changed nothing about their console except adding some social network features and making it bigger and faster. I see what they are trying to do, and I think they will win over at Christmas on sales, but how long will that last. How long can redundancy last with us gamers? Probably as long it takes for a game on my phone to get old. That is at the most a month.

Xbox has also thought of this, but have decided to stick to its guns. I admire them for that, but think there is more that they can do. Will they lose some gamers, yes. Will they get those gamers back in a year or two, I would say YES! The reason is due to their constant focus on change. Change is hard, I had to change hours at work and it sucked. However, I soon learned it was a decent idea and I love my position now. Sure it took me about a month to figure it out, but it is a lot better. This whole idea of DRM is what is shifting this focus for gaming. Obviously companies are filling in line for this idea. Look at the games and developers MS has gotten at E3. How many Sony exclusive developer were there, 3-5???? What will that translate to in 2-3 years? Obviously they are on board and it is their idea to do this. The Xbox HAS to be always online due to DRM. If it didnt do a check-in then it could never make sure the game you downloaded on your xbox is authentic. Imagine if I could download the game on my HDD then immediately sell it. It would ruin the industry.

Next is the major changes Xbox and MS are doing. The integration of the TV. What an amazing idea. Now this not only appeals to gamers, but anyone involved with media. This is why Xbox will be around for a long time. The change they will be able to incorporate into their machine far outweighs PS's ability.

I could go on and on about this and every fan boy could add their own weight about trading games, always online, or the Price Tag. But I am looking for the long time investment and something that will change with the many years that I will be able to play with it. Thanks you MS.