Live TV on XBOX One - What is and what could be...


I have done a decent review of current articles and documentation out there on the functionality of Xbox One and Live TV integration. One question I think that still needs asking is how is the Xbox One suppose to change the channel on the cable box? I am a idealist for simplicity sake and an engineer so I always like to see things be as efficient as possible. I WANT Xbox One to be my cable box, but could live with a IR or some other communication device so long as it works well and I can use the Kinect voice and camera to change between inputs, etc... However, all I get fromt he MS website is that it works with your cable box... So how? Has this been described somewhere else? Tom?

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Related to my questions above, this begs questions as to what MS's plans are for the future with Live TV integration into its Living Room solution. I think from a hardware standpoint, there are many ways to go about building better performance. If you look at the XBox One from a design standpoint it actually could be 2/3rds of a complete device. Xbox-one-t-heverge17_1020_verge_super_wide_large_verge_medium_landscape_medium


Also, that port hole on the side that houses a USB (I think thats whats in there) could also be a socket connection point for the other third of the box. So what do I think will be in there? It would depend on the country or TV solution, but I it would be essentially a cable integration port where a USB connection would allow the Xbox One the ability to control the LIve TV feed withou the use of sensors, etc... So why would MS not integrate it into the initial product? That one would be attributed to hardware felxibilty concerns with the many countries that this is being delievered to. Each country then becomes a issue that could be solved with its own piece of designed hardware to integrate into the original XBox One. This hair-brained prediction also goes along with the release early next year of a XBox Mini TV box.

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The other part of this is other than a tuner, what does the XBox One cable box really do? Considering the functionality the Xbox One has, whats to say that you can't expand the game to other TV's via the network through these boxes that would be ultimately cheaper than a XBox One. So while Xbox One controls your living room, these other oxes could be used to control your other rooms.


I know nothing except process engineering and general data management practices. What I can tell you is that I would Love what I describe above and would finally solve the "who gets the remote" problem. It would resolve my issues with playing multiplayer on multiple screens in my house. It would not restrict TV manufacturers from creating good cutting edge screen devices, although it may help us all by getting the TV manufacturers out of the software or GUI business. It would not hurt cable companies since most provide a cable card to support 3rd party boxes anyways. It would support multiple cable solutions by allowing differing hardware setups. It would finally allow me to have a single (looking) box in my living room that does everything I need it to.