Developers Perspective: Why I Choose iOS Over Android

I originally posted this in the Apple Core, but I figured that it would be of interest to the Android Army as well. Hopefully the mods don't kill me

One of the questions I see consistently asked of developers is why we chose to develop for iOS rather than Android. So I've put together this list of the top 5 reasons why we chose to go for iOS. In our case, we are developing a social networking service. Of course the reasons will vary case by case. Enjoy!

1. iOS gaining marketshare in our target markets

Despite what most people seem to think, iOS has been gaining market share. In Canada it is now the most popular mobile OS And in the United States, the software is poised to become the best selling mobile operating system in the next few months.

Now some will quite correctly point out that iOS has a tiny fraction if the global smartphone market share. However, the gains are mostly because of sales in countries like India, who are not part of our target market.

2. iOS users actually use their devices

Even when Android had much larger market share than iOS, Apple's platform continued to dominate mobile browser share, with well over 60%. Compare this to Android which only has 20% even though there are far more Android devices. What this means is that, iOS users actually use their smartphone. Android users, for the most part, don't use their phone that often. When you're building a social service it is incredibly important to be on a platform that people actually use and not own.

3. The iPhone has incredible customer loyalty

91% of iPhone users say that their next phone will be an iPhone. This is compared to only 71% of Android users, which also happens to be the lowest in the industry. What this also means is that iOS will inevitably have significantly higher share than Android. In our case, this was an incredibly important metric. We are building a social service and it is encouraging to know that you won't lose 30% of your user base when they decide to upgrade smartphones.

4. iOS is easier to develop for

This is a matter of opinion, but in our case iOS was by far the easier platform to develop on. Apple has done a fairly good job at meeting developers needs. iOS also has the benefit of having only three screen sizes and four resolutions. This makes designing a great iOS app stupid easy.

5. $$$ - iOS users buy apps

If you want money, iOS is the platform to develop on. The App Store hangs on to over 75% of mobile app revenue. The Play Store has just 25%. There is so little money to be made with the Play Store that we wouldn't be able to keep the service online without using alternative funding methods. On iOS we'll be making more than enough $$$ to keep this thing online.

So there you have it.

And no, we don't hate Android users. For us, developing for iOS first just makes much more sense from a business and technical point of view. We really want to produce an Android version, but that is contingent on the success of the iOS version.

I hope this provided you guys with some insight. Feel free to ask some questions if you have any. And don't ask me about our apps. That's secret stuff :)