Why iOS7 is the post-pc-era, at least for me.

Sorry, guys for being just another of those iOS7 posters, but somehow this seems to be the only way to get this of my mind.

I am using iOS since the beginning, have been using a little android in between and am loyal back at iOS since iPhone 4S. I don't claim to have a wide knowledge of all the "feature heritage" and such, that is argued, and I am not even using the iOS7 beta, so please be kind.

But I'd like to share my thoughts on why I think that the bashing is uncalled for.

I'll be so frank to use fastcodesign's side-by-side comparison as a basis for the visual comparisons. (http://www.fastcodesign.com/1672796/see-apples-remarkable-evolution-from-ios6-to-ios-7#2)

General design direction

What I think is the most important update in iOS7 is, as said, not "the way it looks", but "the way it works, as a whole".

To me this basically comes down to the following things:

  • layering of the whole OS, like mentioned on TVMS, you now have a clear grasp of where you are in the UI, all the time
  • more information, less obstruction:
    1. Biggest point for this being the removal of a visible status bar up top which includes all the information shown into your current app/view. To me, this removes the border of information and makes it seem more accessible and easier to take notice of the values with a quick glance.
    2. Point 1) also includes the shift to the criticized "dots" for reception. The dots mirror the battery indicator on the right. You now have two indicators for your two "powers" (battery and signal) that are displayed the same way. In a clean left to right status.
    3. Less separators. Borders & lines (stocks), spaces between keys (calculator), borders and lines between days (weather) etc. All this clears the view and pushed content into the front row.
    4. Less buttons, more text. If you look at mail/messages and the clock, the "edit" and "cancel" buttons are now just text. And thanks to Helvetica Neue, even bigger than before. The space for actual calculations in calculator now cover 2 rows, instead of one.
    5. Clearer information. Look at Safari in particular, the headline, search-field, address-field is now just one visually integrated piece of information. Almost half the size it was before.
  • Separation in design language, the circle in the square: There is a shift to either round shapes OR straight lines all over the system, giving a clearer look with more distinction between content, background and areas of interaction.

By all means, what did you expect? The post-PC-era!

Did you think it would be a VR screen with liquefied gold coming out of the headphone jack?

Do to the amazing work at the competition (Android, WindowsPhone, and more) there surely is much to copy and steal.

I think for Apple this is a huge move away from the PC, from menus, title bars, buttons, windows and such. They finally can rightfully claim to get into this post-pc-era where your UI is not dominated anymore by all those thing, but where you interact with text (not buttons) and where information is woven into your main area of focus (not separated out into bars and windows).

I think this is just the start of the content getting into the foreground. You may not like a button or a color shade or the fact that someone else had a beautiful idea and got copied or that you just expected something else entirely.

In the end, iOS7 is the start of the post-pc-era, at least for me.

And please, "Straight up: seven months is a ridiculous deadline." (http://frankchimero.com/blog/2013/06/generosity-of-perspective/)

Here is a different perspective on what it all means from Andric Tham (https://medium.com/design-ux/235adb58ce40).