Wanted: A Rooter's Opinion on the HTC One

I'm eyeing up the HTC One as my next Android phone. (My current and only Android phone is a HTC Sensation, which I love dearly but is starting to show it's age.) Now, whether I get the stock version or the normal version of the One, I'll want to be rooting it, for many a reason; ProxyDroid, better control over stuff, etc.

The thing is, rooting my Sensation was not a smooth ride. There was many a time when I'd get stuck; stuck at boot screen, stuck generally, and it was really convenient to be able to pull the battery. My worry is that the rooting experience with the HTC One will be the same, and that without a removable battery to pull out when things get hairy, I might ruin my phone in my rooting attempts.

Basically, I'm looking for advice from someone who has already rooted the HTC One as to how smooth the process is, whether my worry is a real problem, and what tools etc. they'd advise using when it comes to rooting the One.

(I'm also interested to learn about the lack of MicroSD slot. Did this have any effect on your rooting process? Did it even matter at all? Was there ample memory on the phone to do what you wanted to do?)

(Edit: And another thing, are there any ROMs you'd recommend? I'm currently an AOKP user but ParanoidAndroid seems quite cool too.)

Thanks so much!