To the Industry: Want to stop used game sales? Make. Better. Games.

Day after day, we hear the same line from the gaming industry:

"Used games sales are hurting gaming."

To some extent, I understand that. As a programmer myself, I'm totally in favor of content creators getting more money for their work - that's why I love seeing Kickstarter success stories, where content creators are succeeding without the "help" of publishers.

That said, I find it absolutely fascinating that video games appear to be the only industry with such outrage behind it. You don't generally see authors up-in-arms about used book sales or movie makers up-in-arms about used movies - they are just a naturally accepted part of those industries, and, frankly, our right as consumers.

If video game publishers are so concerned with the reselling of video games, then they should make those games good enough that I want to hold onto them - the same way I want to hold onto good movies and good books. For example, look at the ridiculous number of Assassin's Creed/Call of Duty/Madden games - people sell those used because they only need to own the latest version, for the most part. The gaming industry regurgitates the same basic games, year after year, then acts offended when people dare to re-sell their old games so they can help afford the latest one.

At the end of the day, when a game is good and memorable, I keep it - because I'll likely want to replay it some years down the line - that's what I did with the handful of video games I didn't give away or sell when I moved last month.

If your game isn't impressive enough to keep, that's your problem, not mine - and don't make it mine by implementing DRM into your game or console that assumes I'm a criminal unless I prove otherwise every 24 hours. I don't give away or sell games out of spite, but simply because they take up space, and I can't afford to take up space with games I'm never going to touch again. Want to decrease used-game sales and make more money? Stop abusing your customers and make your games worth our shelf space.