Since there are quite a few iOS developers on here, I was wondering...

if someone like myself who has ZERO experience coding, but has an idea for an app along with its design and everything else needed... what steps would someone like me have to take in order to make the idea a reality?

in other words:

- is there some sort of iOS app development firm that non-coders like me have to go to to pitch my idea? do you know how other successful non-coders have done it to get theirs off the ground?

- how much money (ballpark) should one expect to spend?

- what kinds of agreements do the creators have with the developers in order to protect your idea from being stolen? are there non-disclosure contracts presented prior to working on the app?

- once the app is released, how do the creators go about making updates? do the creator and developer maintain a business relationship as long as the app exists?

lets just assume it's a fairly simple app, small project. nothing on the scale of a 3D game or a social networking app or anything.

any input would be appreciated!