A non-tech person's reaction to Windows Phone (anecdote)

So I was at a friend's place today and was in the process of showing him my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 520). His mom also walked in and got interested in the phone. Here are their respective reactions:

Mother: Why do these... photos... keep changing all the time? Did I touch somewhere wrong? Oh wait...WHY IS EVERYTHING CONSTANTLY CHANGING? (She was, of course, referring to the Live Tiles). Oh, what's that you say? They are designed that way? Well that's mighty confusing.

She soon got immersed in the phone and was able to browse through it easily in a matter of minutes. It was really comfortable for her, and she said it's definitely something different (in a good way).

Friend: Oh the tiles look cool. But why is the app list a... LIST? Didn't move on from lists to grid-laid icons like, a decade or so ago?

I showed him the Photosynth and Cinemagraph apps and he was positively astounded. He fell in love with them immediately. The moment he used Photosynth he took out his iPhone to search for a similar app in the store. To my surprise MS has provided it for iOS too.He also loved the screen. When I suggested that it had a low resolution criticized by many people, he said they must be crazy because he couldn't spot any individual pixels (mentioned during video playback).

We must remember that these people, the ones who don't follow tech news religiously and go through entire feature lists of phones before a purchase, are the vast majority of smartphone consumers. They buy based on what others suggest and what they like or think is 'cool'.

Do you have any similar anecdotes where you showed your Windows Phone to a person who hadn't seen it before and got some amusing/interesting reactions?