My issue with Microsoft and Xbox One

Physical appearance aside, I admit the system looks interesting. But my discontent comes from personal past experiences and common sense. I start by acknowledging that I get Microsoft's forward thinking. They want to go all-digital which is where everything is trending anyway. But most all-digital markets aren't sending the same sized content customers will be downloading to their Xbox One. The biggest application I've downloaded for iOS was around 1.5-2GB. I'm guessing titles for One will range 10-50GB. Ignoring the fact that reliable, high-speed internet access isn't as ubiquitous as we like to think, some ISP's such as AT&T still impose data caps.

Consider also the fact that many people sometimes go days with internet outages. I currently live in NYC and it's not an issue save for the rare outage that's usually cleared in a few hours, but I've lived in Southern California and the service would go out when it drizzled! It's a time like that when you need your console most. You'll be barred from playing your games because your system can't phone home and renew the licenses.

I also feel Microsoft's response to the many people who don't like the changes was essentially "screw you, get a 360." It's unacceptable.

I feel ultimately that they haven't hit the sweet spot. Change (even if good) usually isn't accepted, but I feel Microsoft is too farsighted by seemingly abandoning many loyal customers with an aggressive forward thinking model in a market where some ISP's are treading backwards.