Questions for Microsoft about the Xbox One

This post is meant to create a list of questions that hopefully can be passed to the Verge/Polygon to see if they can ask employees. Actually I think this should have been done before they talked to execs...darnit, oh well. Let's have a discussion. Here are my list of questions.

  • Family Share plan: Will it be easy to "unlink" a "family" member, say he/she doesn't play anymore or sold their Xbox One? Will I be able to unlink that member as a part of my "family" so that I may use it for another "family" member?
  • Will there be a website like for Windows Phone if my Xbox One is stolen? Can I "lock" my system so that if someone else tries to use it, I'll know their IP and be able to call the authorities? (I just noticed while saying that, having the Xbox One being always online...prevents theft of Xbox One that is registered)
  • Following that question, if I want to sell my Xbox One, will there be an easy way (through a website or on the console) to "unregister" it as my mine? (Also, the machine must be connected online when this happens, I'm guessing)
  • Have you thought of creating a version of the Xbox One that doesn't have a blu-ray drive in it so that a user just wants an online only for game distribution? This can reduce the size and price of the Xbox.
  • Have you thought of creating your version of "Netflix" but for games? Like Gamefly but no renting, pay a fee per month and everything is a la carte...for the publishers that agree for their games to be on the plan.
  • Can I predownload games (after paying) and when it is released, start playing, a la Steam? There should be no reason not to have this. I don't want to have to download on a big release of Halo 5 and servers are being used up.
  • Bonus: Can you please tell developers who make First Person type of games to implement head-tracking? There is no reason not to have it when we have Kinect.