Windows Phone Ideas

I've been giving some thought about how Microsoft, in my opinion should improve WP in it's ecosystem. Please comment your own!

1) Skype SMS Integration

Okay so Apple has iMessage and now Google has Hangouts, but what if Microsoft decided to merge SMS and Skype on WP? Yes, they'd lose a little bit of revenue from people who subscribe to it separately, but think of how great that would be? People could text from their phone, their Xbox, their friends iPhone, really anywhere! So many things support Skype. Plus this would enable text over WiFi. It'll probably never happen, but I think it'd be great.

2) Use WP as a controller for some Xbox titles

Picture this. You go to your friends house to play some Forza and want to challenge him to a race, one on one...but oh wait he doesn't have a second controller! Never fear WP is here! With their standardized design and manditory camera button Microsoft has created a large group of devices that have two buttons on one edge across the board (camera button and volume)! These could be used as triggers while the touchscreen of the phone is used for a gamepad. Obviously this design could only work for simple games, but man that'd be cool Ideally they'd get their act together with Xbox games across platforms so you could play it on your Xbox and then take it with you too. Oh and maybe some streaming of mobil games to the console through this concept? Xbox integration has to be improved.

That's really it for now. At least all I can think of. Sorry it's so short, and yes I realize both of those will probably never happen. What would you change about Windows Phone?