Sony isn't forfeiting anything by not including the PS Eye.

Sony isn't forfeiting anything. The system still has motion gaming capabilities with Sixaxis. The PS3 had it. Barely anyone used it in a meaningful or interesting way. Every system since 2000 has had rumble in the controller. Almost no one has used it in a meaningful or interesting way. The Wii-mote. Barely anyone used it in an interesting or meaningful way.

The only game I can think of doing anything interesting with rumble was in Nintendo Land with the Luigi's mansion ghost game. That was super cool use of it. Honestly the only time I can think it was cool. Anyone else know? Don't list the controller rumbling when you fire a gun or a bomb goes off. Actually useful things.

People have rejected motion gaming, it seems. I wish Sony did have a bundle, and I think they will they can't help themselves with bundles, which comes with the camera. But, Sony can only do so much. And, so far, they(devs) don't care about those "external" things that come with the system. It's meaningless to them. They have demonstrated it time after time.

Even Nintendo did barely anything with their own systems unique functionality. Zelda and Wii Sports were the only ones that "used" it. Even then, Zelda used a system from one of the Wii Sports Resort games.

How many Xbox one exclusives are doing interesting things with the Kinect? I'm genuinely asking because I don't know. I haven't read anything about it. Seems no one is doing cool stuff?

The whole idea of this stuff is always awesome in concept. No one does it. I'm not trying to defend Sony here. I do hope they have a bundle with the camera. At least then the penetration will be higher. But, devs don't care about this stuff, it seems. I don't think it is as much of a negative as Paul is insinuating. But, he is someone who is really into motion gaming. As I know from ze podcast.

And, Sony's controller has some cool new things. The touchpad seems really cool and it's super precise and sensitive AND they have a speaker on the controller. What's the over and under (is that the right term for a bet?) that barely anyone uses it? I hope they do because when it isn't turning valve's in Killzone 2, it can be interesting to use. Like steering the lightning storm in inFamous. That was cool.

Just some brain droppings. Sound off in the comments and tell me how dumb I am :) I'm kidding. Come one, let's all hug.