Xbox One missing feature, but the peices are there

The world has been looking for an alternative to AirPlay for those who don't live in the apple garden. Google has built the open standard, Miracast into Android and Windows Phone has no way to get content from your phone to the big screen. Even weaker has been a device to show it on the TV. We have the Nexus Q (now dead) a few Sony TVs and a Logitech box (that never really worked).

Could Microsoft and the Xbox One be the link between the Mobile world and the big screen. Microsoft recently announced a few updates coming to Windows and the one that caught my eye was the native miracast support. Now this doesn't seem like a massive deal when looked at in isolation. However with the the Xbox one using WiFi direct for the controller its only some code and Miracast is also supported.

Microsoft have stated that they want the Xbox one to be the one box that does it all. If they include Miracast in the Xbox one as well as in windows8, RT and phone, they really could be the one box that does it all, and increase the exposure of miracast.