Xbox's Flaw: Kinect Privacy

After days of PS4 fans jeering and being arrogant, as the dust settles to me it's seeming as though Xbox is the better console. It doesn't have better specs per se but cloud computing to me means that X1 potentially can become even better as technology advances. Also the Family sharing is a HUGE feature to have. Also we have Kingdom Hearts and that was what was most likely to make me switch.

But the one thing that is killing me, is the Kinect. I like the Kinect itself but the fact I can't unplug it and put it away is killing me. I love Microsoft mostly because of Bill Gates & all the great things he's done.

But having to keep that thing plugged always is a privacy issue, even if it's not a privacy concern, I don't like that I can't decide to turn a camera off completely, as in taking it out.