iOS 7 - A guide to navigating the sea of confusion


This is just a quick iOS 7 Safari navigation primer. I wouldn't have thought it necessary, but the recent editorial made a point about the new iconography causing user confusion.


My immediate reaction was to want to add yet another angry and unhelpful comment to that enormous thread, but I thought.... you know what? I'm better than that.

So instead, I'm here to help. This is for anybody - forum regular/newcomer/editorial staff - who is having trouble with the changes to iOS.

The Problem


Good lord. At first glance, this looks completely different and confusing! I know what you're thinking - how will I ever cope? I'll never find my way around this confused mess!

Fortunately, you have me to help. And, also fortunately, it's not actually as confusing as it might first appear (I know, but just trust me on this, okay?).

The Key

I've prepared a helpful little cheat sheet. You might find it useful to print this out, maybe even laminate it and put it in your wallet, so you're never totally on your own, should you forget which icon is which.


But that's not all. I have a helpful little tip, one that has worked well for me. I find that any time I'm confused by a new icon, if I think to myself - hmm, which old icon does it kinda look like, and would I expect to find that under my thumb about now - I can usually figure it out without having to refer to the cheat sheet.

Anyway, I hope this helps a little. Good luck out there!