Xbox 360 vs PS4. One will be Survive.



When it comes to giving tons of promises, we know the other team is good. However when it come to playing the game of business, we really need to give credit to MSFT.

I think MSFT must have several good reasons for introducing a new 360. And they have also mentioned their willingness to enhance the 360 platform. The followings are my crazy hypothesis of MSFT strategy.

  1. Bring Cloud computing to Xbox 360, assisting Xbox 360 like Xbox One.
  2. Introduce Cloud Gaming or bring/buy Onlive to both Xbox
  3. Dropping 360 price near holiday.
  4. bring all their exclusive TV series to both Xbox
  5. new design of 360 will make normal buyer think twice. Throw in a huge volume of discounted games and apps, such as skype. It might be too tempting for the parents.

From the lesson of PS2 which do well even with PS3 is around. 369 can dry out PS3 and reduce PS4's game purchase. It will not kill Sony but they will bleed heavily. If they sell like Wii U at launch but attach rate and PSN subscription is low. It is hard to sustain.

Xbox One does have a better OS than 360 and better TV + communication service integration. Moreover they can sustain it from 360, Skype and TV. Thus it will not go away. Moreover MSFT can reduce its price at a suitable time

Two Console left standing. And when 360 calls it a day as planned after 10 years or a decade. The coming gen will only left with One console. Xbox One.