I enjoy IOS7 but...

I've had it on my 5 for about a day and a half. I enjoy the majority of the new stuff. Things i thought i wouldn't like i fell in love with, and i guess that's part of why apple is so good at what they do. Though, now that i know two different teams worked on the icons i get what happened. I understand that they've been working on this for a short amount of time, and the rumors were true that they had to take extra people from the OSX team and put them on the IOS team. It's been stated that Apple says nothing is set in stone for IOS7, so I think we will see MUCH better icons. It's clear that they couldn't decide on where to go with them, and two different teams of people were pulling in other directions and not knowing where the others were going. I have a hunch that women played a large role in making the neon colors and hot pinks. There's hot pink in the music app for when things are highlighted. That has to go. I also don't know how i'm feeling about the messages app with the blue and gray. It's nice, but i'm not sure yet.

The OS needs to just be toned down a bit with a family of icons that look like they are related to each other. Personally, I think Scott should be allowed back on the team. I think they should sit Scott down and say listen man, we know how you are and others find it hard to work with you. Can you open up a little bit and let more people in? I think they can come to an agreement with Scott. I think they should. The man has the most patents out of everyone at Apple. I don't think Maps was that big of a deal. Not enough to fire him. I mean if he was really hell bent on not getting rid of the green felt then ok maybe he had to go, but i doubt that was the case. I think the company desperately needs Scott. Not because what they showed isn't good, just because Apple is in his DNA. I just can't believe they couldn't come to an agreement. Scott is a master of his craft. So if for some reason someone from apple reads the verge forms which is a long shot, but if they do i think you should consider letting Scott back. Steve would want him back. It's insane that the two most important people at Apple can't get along. Jony and Scott. Imagine what they could do if they didn't bump heads and just put the bullshit behind them.

As of now Scotts still gone, i do think he will be back one day like Steve. For now apple has gotten off to a great start. IOS feels alive. It feels good. In a lot of areas it looks good. Neon/pastel color pallet has to go. Icons need to be redone from the ground up by 1 team. If apple is lacking great icon designers now a days they should look to hire some new designers and have someone nail the icons. The old IOS icons looked like so much detail and time went into them. When you really look at them an analyze them, they are insanely detailed. Nailing the icons, and addressing the intrusive banner notification issue will be the two things that choose IOS 7's fate. If they get these two things right by the fall apple will have an excellent release at hand.