IOS 7 looks great, but do you guys think it looks better than Windows phone?

I will post the same post except about android, in the army.

So everyone knows that Apple recently announced IOS 7, and at first I was wowed. It looked simple and beautiful, and I loved the translucency. But after a few days, as I kept watching more and more videos on it and saw comparisons to android, the design began to look worse to me. Windows phone and its flat metro icons looked a little worse to me than IOS, although IOS 7 looked sort of childish(which isn't terrible by any means), and the translucency looked bad depending on the wallpaper. So WP users, I ask you to give you unbiased/unfanboyish opinion on how you feel about the colorful design of IOS 7 compared to the Metro UI of WP. Please, I don't want stupid comments on how IOS 7 copied WP or how Apple sucks, just try to be as unbiased as possible! I would post screenshots comparing the two, but I'm busy and don't have time to upload every photo to photobucket.