24 hours with iOS 7. Way of the future.

Due to the fact that iOS 7 is in beta, I'm not going to talk about system hiccups.

Let me start by saying this. iOS 7 is next level stuff.

The UI is unlike anything else I’ve experienced before. I’ve owned Windows Phones and a plethora of Android devices and nothing compares. Of course, I have to agree with many that there are stark similarities borrowed from other OS’s i.e the new multitasking. But the so-called “flat” UI that so many people, except Apple have described iOS 7 to have adopted feels and looks nothing like Android in person. There is a playful design to almost every app that is uniquely Apple. It’s very reminiscent of Letterpress and that’s a great thing.

The translucency is nothing like Windows Vista or 7. I don’t really know how to describe it. The best way to depict the interface is that it adapts its aesthetics to its surroundings. The keyboard in particular is a great example of this. It’s so refreshing and clean and really feels that it can stand the test of time.

The animations are wondrous. They truly are. When you unlock the phone, the icons first fly in quickly and then slowly settle into their positions. It’s this playfulness that makes iOS 7 feel alive and that’s only one example.

I’ve heard some people say that Control Center looks like a wireframe. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. It’s looks pretty to me and utilitarian at the same time. It exists as a utility and it does a great job at what it is supposed to do, make adjustments quickly. I still can’t believe Apple added it in the OS even though so many of us have been asking for something like this for years. Make no mistake, they have delivered and it completely changes how iOS feels.

Now, multitasking. Yeah yeah it looks like a ripoff of WebOS, but that’s what is so great. I’m not going to address the suing game, but who cares. As consumers we want the best and I think they nailed it. Even more important than the UI for multitasking though, is how it works in the background. Of course, I don’t think a single third party app has been updated to take advantage of the new background updating, but first party apps are rock solid. iCloud has been such a joy because it finally “just works.” Everything syncs so fast and reliably now. It’s not Google Docs level syncing in terms of speed, but it’s very close.

Some issues that need to be addressed are things such as a few of the icons. We now know what happened here so I won’t rant. I’m pretty sure they will be fixed before release. However, the buttons in Safari are unacceptable. They simply look unfinished and are just too plain. It’s that simple. I don’t know why they haven’t addressed the somewhat obtrusive notifications. I say somewhat because I used to be annoyed that I couldn't click the back button when I received a notification. But with the new swipe gesture to return to the previous page, it’s not as obtrusive.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that this is beta 1. Things will change. But iOS 7 is truly a remarkable OS that can only truly be appreciated in person. For Apple, this is the way of the future, and I think it has vast untapped potential.

Competition FTW!