Where did the Hybrids go?

And I mean the dockable ones And I also mean the ones that can replace my laptop (13 inch screen not 10 please). I swear, leading up to Computex, there was supposed to be a boatload of dockable Ultrabooks like the Transformer Book series or Split x2 launched/announced with haswell but it never really came to fruition.

It seems like the only ones coming out are meant for billionaires and go way beyond the $1k mark while the ones that are actually affordable like the HP Split x2 are launching with 3rd gen chips and 2GB Ram (yuck).


Maybe I missed something, but where are the slew of choices for dockable Windows 8 hybrids? (<$900)

I really don't want to have to settle for the Split x2 because I have an HP dv6 atm and it's the epitome of disappointment. HP's build quality does not impress me at all. Not to mention the Split x2, aside from being a hybrid, will be a downgrade specswise for me and I just don't think I can handle that. 4GB ram already feels too small at times, I can't fathom halving it for $800 and basically an atom processor (i3).

Any words from the Tribe?