iOS 7 and change

Hi everyone,

I'm using iOS 7 since tuesday and I had an interesting thought.

I think it looks great, really new compared to iOS 6 and I even find the logos okay (seen worse, seen better) but I have a problem with something else.

We got a complete redesign (you might like it or not) and developers got a lot of new APIs but thats more or less it. If you go to and look at the features and think about it. Nothing is actually new, just the old redesigned. Every feature listed was already available for iPhone (except the control center) and some new additions you'll never use.

We got a completely redesigned iOS. Looks great but doesn't really do anything more in terms of actually doing real life things.

I'm sitting here thinking about changing to Android because I'm not convinced. I've used Apple devices ( I had 4 apple laptops, 2 desktops and 3 iPhones so far, I had a Nexus one and nokia lumia for a short while as a second phone) only in my life and now the problem is that I'm scared to change. This is important. I understand the problems and I know why I like iOS but I also know why I want to change, and the only thing stoping me is this nagging feeling that maybe the next iOS will implement the things I want, maybe it will solve the problems. I'm always hoping for the next iOS. I think we are always looking forward for the next iOS because of this. Apple might be doing this on propose, maybe not but it's clear. Instead of being revolutionary, Apple is only incrementally giving us tiny things. I know (based on the last years) I will use the new Siri maybe 5 times, yet Apple showcased it as something major. Instead of making Siri better, they could have made some Google Now like function or maybe allow some third party apps to be set as the main apps.

Since Google Now is available for iPhone, I think it's my second most used app after Facebook, because it feels great to get to a bus stop and open the app, where it says the next bus will be there in 5 minutes. I love it when I search for something in google maps (on my desktop) and the next time I open the google app on my phone It shows me the directions to there (most times I'm actually going there where I searched just hours before). Apple could do this. They could do it better. I'm sure, but they don't.

(Side story: A few months ago, when I first thought about switching, I wrote an email to LG Hungary, asking them if I could try out the Nexus 4. They said yes, and we set up a date. I got and hour to play around with it, while a PR person and an engineer explained everything to me, showed me everything. It felt good.They were nice and it felt like I want to change but I told myself that I'll wait for WWDC. I waited.)

I haven't decided yet. Apple is great but It feels like that they aren't innovating for the users, they are innovating to show off.

I might be wrong and the next iPhone or next iOS could be revolutionary but it doesn't feels like it.