What An Experience: How Apple Shrunk My Expectations

So Apple unveiled some new stuff at their developer's conference earlier this week. Though they prefaced the show with their new defining mission in text there was apparently a better, more visual, version on the Apple website: 'Designed by Apple in California'. The TV ad, which showcased the feelings behind experiencing Apple products, walked you (the viewer) through the various lives of people interacting with their devices.

The video started out on a high note so, naturally, I felt inclined to view it fullscreen. Oddly enough, I had a peculiar experience of my own.

There wasn't a fullscreen option. So, thinking that maybe the 'Medium' size would make the video larger I clicked on that option only to find the video shrink. I returned to the viewing options and clicked on the 'Small' size option to see what size that would be but, of course, it only made the video smaller.

If I couldn't have fullscreen then maybe I could at least view it at the size that I started with (which was larger than either of the sizing options) but there was no way to go back without reloading the entire page. /f

My encounter with this was, for lack of a better word, shitty. What an experience.