4.2's Lockscreen is ridiculous.

'Ello Army, his has been bothering me since the day 4.2 came out..

Here's the lockscreen taken straight from android version 4.2(.2) Seems fine, right?


Here's what it shows when you touch the lock. Seems fine too, the only difference from 4.1 is the missing links to Google Now and the Camera.


This is what's been grinding my gears for ages! You can really flick in ANY direction and it will unlock, not just the direction it shows you.


Now I know Apple tightened their patents on lockscreen functionality. Nowadays, not only a 'fixed trail' belongs to them, but also any unlocking motion which includes a 'fixed beginning and end point'. This workaround just seems very cheap to me, it feels like I'm using some ROM that looks the part but doesn't work very neatly at all.

PS. In case people were wondering; That clock is DashClock Widget and the background comes bundled with the Minimal UI Go Apex Nova Theme.