Some Interesting Facts About The Current Gen...

So I was interested in which publisher sold the most games on it's own current generation console (we all know it's Nintendo but by how much?).

From the source I used,, these were the results:

Nintendo - Wii - 390.08 Million
Microsoft Game Studios - Xbox 360 - 153.51 Million
Sony Computer Entertainment - PS3 - 119.38 Million

Here are the total game sales on each console:

Wii - 633.59
Xbox 360 - 536.57
PS3 - 453.16

So as you can see, for every two Nintendo Wii games sold, Nintendo was the publisher of one of them. Even combining Microsoft Game Studios with Sony Computer Entertainment still sold over 100 million less then Nintendo alone.

Another interesting fact was how much EA Sports has sold by itself, a whopping 131.14 million and Electronic Arts sold by itself an even greater 196.09 Million. Combined EA sold by itself 327.23 Million games for current gen.

So for the current generation we have this result for each publisher:

1. Nintendo - 390.08 Million
2. EA (Sports + Electronic Arts) - 327.23
3. Microsoft Game Studios - 153.51
4. Sony Computer Entertainment - 119.38

The total of all games sold for all consoles is - 1623.32 Million...

These are the percentage rundown for consoles:
Wii - 39%
Xbox 360 - 33%
PS3 - 28%

These are the percentage rundown for publishers:
Nintendo - 24%
EA - 20%
Microsoft Game Studios - 9%
Sony Computer Entertainment - 7%

So those are some stats I found interesting about the current generation. How much Nintendo and EA dominated game sales having 44% between them.

Note, this data is only as relevant as so don't yell at me if they are not 100% perfect... :P