XBox One's Last Stand: What Microsoft Needs to Do @ /Build

So, the Xbox team definitely need to alleviate (the really unfounded) fears about 24 hours check. They need to realise that their target audience are teenage boys who are all about the "burn!" and the "cool!" and the show and tell. Basically gamers and the vested websites need to be petted and soothed and told that everything will be okay.

Microsoft has one last platform to do so; their /build conference. It's the perfect platform--there is no noise from other platforms and they have everyone's attention.

  1. Demonstrate how they protect the consumers (still have access to stolen games, no need to choose which games to take to the cabin in the middle of the Rockies)
  2. Show they are pro gamers and pro indie industry, and how all of the new policies benefit gamers.
  3. Have developers (indie and non) show their support. THIS IS IMPORTANT (though they might end up being abused with "They are being paid by Microsoft")
  4. Demonstrate sharing by getting members of the press to play games from someone else's list as long as they are family (something that's not currently not possible with PS4) live on stage.
  5. Show how SmartGlass can be used to do the check
  6. They need to do something clever (e.g. have a sense of humour about the whole thing, and show that the check takes place while logging in/loading, takes a few seconds and requires no active participation/Parody Sony's "Step 1" by showing they can't share across cities waiting for snail mail).
  7. Clarify, clarify, clarify. If they don't want to compare directly to the PS4, show how the online check improves from security the last generation, with minimal intrusion and inconvenience.
  8. No back-pedalling. It then becomes a MS is weak, they made a mistake and now they are backtracking because they were wrong.
  9. Be wary of offering concessions that PS 4 can match e.g. XBL Gold free for a year, because PS will simply match. Any offer has to be unique to XBox and worth a player's while.
  10. USE POSITIVE LANGUAGE. Even when recommending the new new XBOX 360.
  11. Use the stats to demonstrate (4 out of every 7 gamers leave their systems online.
  12. Have one cohesive message coming out of the whole event.

Anything else?