OSX Mavericks - Surfing the highest wave

One just doesn`t need to like surfing to be at least a little bit excited about the new OSX.


I came here on this forum to complain about almost all OSXs after Snow Leopard, which I thought to be the best yet (tough Mountain Lion on its latest updates had become even smoother than SL).

I must confess I got almost all my mind blown after starting to test OSX Mavericks yesterday. It`s REALLY REALLY what I was hoping (correction: it`s beyond my expectations).

After testing Windows 8 I`ve always been comparing it`s smoothness against OSX`s. I`ve tried Windows 8 on old machines and it just runs very nicely.

So it was my surprise after installing Mavericks Developer Preview on my mid 2010 13" MBP: it`s flying, screaming and I just love it.

I`ve noticed:

- Transitioning to my 32" LCD display with a mini DVI to HDMI takes less than a second: it`s instantaneous. After unplugging the external display it takes the same amount of time to revert to the original display. Fantastic!


- Safari is violently faster. Goodbye, Chrome and competition!

- No more textures = better. There`s only grey uniform gradients (light grey and dark grey). Farewell, Mountain Linen.

- Calendar looks at least as good as it looked on Snow Leopard. Simple and functional.

- The Dashbord looks simple and great

- There`s a sense of simplicity on the design, with better looking icons (the new blue iCloud looks awesome against the metallic older one, for instance).


- Again: boy, it`s fast! (I wonder about the performance on a system running on a SSD).

- The dock also looks simple and yet very nicely designed. The overall feeling I got after using the system is that it feels at the same time more robust but also a lot lighter, a lot simpler (and yet superbly well crafted) and a lot faster.


Perhaps now it can be said we have the best OSX yet. Can`t wait for the final release.