Let's Switch Gears....lets talk Android 5.0

Ok WWDC keynote is over...finally, I hope everyone has got all of their complaining, infatuations, love fest, and hate out their system. This is the Android forums and I honestly don't understand why there are so many post about iOS 7. Yes they got some inspiration from Android. Maybe now Apple will stop suing people..but I digress.

Lets talk Android 5.0...

We did not see a new OS version at Google I/O but we saw a lot of cool features which could be signs of things to come.

Here are a few things that would be nice...

  • A major UI update, where the Tron elements finally get stripped out and we see more convergence to the White/Grayish Google Now card based UI.
  • More decoupled core apps. The people App, Phone App, and SMS app are a few that I would like to see decoupled from the core OS. I think this will happen when Hangouts gets SMS, and Google Voice integration. A decoupled phone app will allow all users to get the fully integrated Google Voice with the phone app.
  • A Game Center. With all the focus on games at I/O it just makes sense to introduce an actual game center for Android. Of course it would not be a core app. It could be a completely separate app linked to Google Plus. A place where you can easily view what games friends re playing, leader boards, and other features.
  • Centralized Notifications management.
  • User customizable Quick Toggles
  • Auto-Hide Navigation bar - Something similar to Ubuntu Phone would be nice
What do you all think?