List of apps already compatible with the iOS7 aesthetic

I'm sure many members of these forums have spent the past few days familiarising themselves with the first beta of iOS7 (whether as developers, or naughty-but-curious consumers!). I hope you've all been having as much fun with it as I have!

I fully respect the NDAs, and think that it is wrong for folks to dive into any aspect of iOS7 outside the keynote, I do think that there is more than enough publically available information to permit us to have a discussion about aesthetically compatible apps. I, for one, have found that some of my longstanding favourite apps have suddenly lost all their appeal, because their design jars so horribly with iOS7. Some truly great apps which unfortunately suffer particularly badly from the redesign (in my opinion) include Tweetbot, Reeder, Things and *every single* podcast app I have found (including Apple's own, reel-to-reel or not!).

I can't tolerate spending the next 3 months stuck in some hinterland with one foot in iOS6-world, and one in iOS7. So in short: I would like your help in compiling a list of those third party apps that already fit well with the iOS7 aesthetic. To get us started, I have listed below a few great apps that I am using which already feel at home within iOS7:

Letterpress (game)

Flipboard (news aggregator)

Vesper (note taking)

YouTube (video)

Mailbox (Gmail client)

Track 8 (music player)

Over to you!